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We enhance your slides. Helping you to transform your ideas and data into visual stories in PowerPoint or Prezi.

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We help you to get ready. Boosting your important upcoming speech or improve your overall public speaking skills.


We develop your skills. Teaching you transferable and universal skills and tools in public speaking and presenting.

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Olga is a finance professional who is passionate about data insights and data visualization. For more than ten years she has been supporting businesses in better decision making through financial analysis. Along the way she realized how critical data visualization is for business decision making. She devotes most of her time to mentoring talented speakers and leading workshops on public speaking.



Elena is a manager in a Fortune 500 global corporation, leading a multinational team and exploring new ways of presenting data on a daily basis. Frequent discussions around business results shaped her presentation skills. She began applying different visualization methods for different types of data. Infographics have become one of the key tools she uses and she has developed and delivered a workshop on the topic.



Anna is a project manager for continuous improvement programs. She supports business functions in fulfilling their targets, as well as encouraging cross-functional collaboration. Her experience in leading change projects taught her the importance of communication to motivate and convince others. Anna believes preparation and practice is everything, whether you have to present an important message or lead a meeting.

Our Insights

How to explain it through the story or why Nancy Duarte’s new book might be a disappointment

In September “Data Story” from Nancy Duarte became available for pre-order. Data storytelling book from the guru of slides and presentations!!! I couldn’t wait. In December it arrived to me from Amazon. New. With the paper smell of the unread pages. I jumped right into it. Disappointment was waiting for me at the very first...

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Pie charts are evil! or why you should avoid any charts with food in the name

Pie chart Usually at my “Storytelling with Business Data” workshops audience splits into pie-chart-lovers (hopefully minority) and pie-chart-haters (hopefully majority). But it is hard to find a single person in the audience, who has never created a pie chart. Pie chart is probably one of the most overused charts in data visualization history. And they...

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How to make complex ideas easy to understand (especially to corporate managers)

If you spent some time observing human beings, you might notice that people tend to complicate things. Especially analysts, especially at work. As a result, many great ideas are being rejected or misunderstood, simply because they are not explained properly. Analysts and specialists like to blame managers for not digging deep into their research, forgetting...

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